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Massage Services

Tandem Touch offers an array of massages therapies based on each individual's needs. Pur standard pricing applies to prenatal, relaxation and deep tissue massages. Special pricing is listed below for clinical and tandem massage.


30 min


60 min


90 min


60 min

Tandem Massage

Read Below for more information on the specific modalities that our massage therapists excel in or book your appointment now. We are excited to help alleviate pain and get you and your body into a rest and recover state.


60 min

Clinical Massage


Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a type of massage therapy specifically designed to be used during pregnancy. Prenatal massage may help relieve some of the aches and pains of pregnancy, reduce swelling, and more. Click "more info" to learn more about pregnancy massage and all its benefits.

Tandem Massage

Therapeutic Tandem Massage consists of two therapists massaging one client in a rhythmic unity. In a Tandem Massage, both therapists work seamlessly incorporating both mirror and asynchronous work while folding in a variety of massage modalities such as deep tissue, stretching and reflexology with long-flowing Swedish massage strokes. To learn more about tandem massage click the "more info" button below.

Sports Injury

Clinical Massage

Simply put clinical massage is massage with a purpose. When a client is experiencing a specific pain, the massage therapist assesses the body and uses an array of modalities including but not limited to sports massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, miofacial release and trigger point therapy to help address and bring relief to a specific pain in your body. We reccommend pairing your clinical massage with a physiokinetix session.  Click "more info" to learn more about clinical massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that uses sustained pressure and slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues.  Your massage therapist helps break up scar tissue may be present. This, in turn, reduces tension in muscle and tissue, allowing for a more rapid recovery.  We reccommend pairing your deep tissue massage with a physiokinetix session. To learn more about deep tissue massage click the "more info" button below.

Man has deep tissue massage on the back.

Relaxation Massage


Relaxation massage focuses on the neck muscles and shoulders, where much tension is held, as well as the muscles of the back, legs and feet for head-to-toe soothing. Fragrant oil aromatherapy is often combined with relaxation massage for a holistic and nurturing sensory experience.  Click "more info" to learn more about clinical massage.

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