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Tandem Massage

What is a Tandem Massage?

Tandem Massage, also know as four hand massage, is a massage where two therapists work on one client in a rhythmic pattern help bring increased relaxation or theraputic relief.

What are the benefits of Tandem Massage?

One of the biggest benefits of Tandem massage is that you receive twice the amount of work on your body in half the amount of time. 

Because the human brain cannot focus on all four hands working your tissues at the same time, a tandem massage allows the brain to come to a place of rest and receive mode. When your brain relaxes into receive mode, your muscles relax, becoming more pliable and receptive to therapeutic work. ​

Because your brain is able to come into a state of peace during this massage, the tandem massage is known for helping reduce high levels of stress. When done regularly, it can also help you sleep better at night. 

When you have four hands working on you in tandem massage versus two, you have an increase of blood circulation in your body. Increased blood circulation is linked to quicker recovery times and increased healing throughout the body. 

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