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Pressure Point Massage On a Client's Bac
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Our Story

Tandem Touch Massage is owned and operated by Joy and Christel whose journey together began over fifteen years ago. In 2005 they graduated at the top of their class from a school with the highest standards of education for massage therapists. Joy and Christel have always shared a vision to help people find healing.

Over the years, they have maintained a client base in the Dallas metroplex, specializing in massage therapy techniques that address different pathologies throughout the body. They have also worked with professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, NBA, and other sports professionals, to help each athlete maintain peak performance using recovery and preventative injury techniques.

Our Services

Massage Therapy Services

Back Massage

Physiokentix Mobility Techniques

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

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Our Methods
Pin and stretch masage technique to help

See what our clients have to say:

At Tandem Touch Massage we aim to help every client find the best path to healing for their bodies. Knowing that each human body is unique, we take a custom, individualized approach to every client that receives body work. See what other clients have to say.

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